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1 Dead, 2 Hospitalized After Shooting in Phoenix Mobile Home Park, PD says

Phoenix Police are investigating a shooting Wednesday afternoon that killed one person and critically injured two others. The shooting happened inside a mobile home park near 39th Avenue and I-10 around 3:41 p.m. Dispatchers got several 911 calls about this incident, but Phoenix Police Sgt. Brian Bower says one in particular stuck out. He says a caller reported several loud gunshots and a car crash.

Phoenix Police say a male was found dead at the scene. Two other males were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Several rounds were fired and Sgt. Bower suspects some mobile homes may have been hit.

“If you happen to have bullet holes in your house, in your residence, in your car, please notify the police department so that we can identify those. There were a lot of bullets that were fired,” he said.

Almost everyone home at the time or working nearby heard the shots.

“There were some kids that came out of the car, and they were just yelling about their friend that had been shot. I don’t really know too much. I just heard the gunshots. Me and my crew, we just came and saw what happened, and then we saw the car smashed into the trailer and everybody just all frantic,” David Torres said.

For now, detectives are working to learn more by speaking with witnesses. No suspects have been taken into custody. What led up to this shooting isn’t known. No names have been released in this case.

Source: Fox10 Phoenix