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911 Callers Can Now Share Live Video with Dispatchers in New Castle County

In an effort to provide first responders with as much information as possible in a crisis, one county in Delaware has launched the ability for callers to share video streaming for 911 emergency calls

Those who need to turn to 911 in case of an emergency in New Castle County, Delaware, now have the ability to share video with dispatchers in an effort to give first responders more information and allow for more immediate assessment of an incident. 

“This is an incredible advancement in public safety,” county executive Matt Meyer said in a statement on the new feature. “The benefits include pinpointing locations of callers, getting a better understanding of emergencies with visual understanding, and assisting those who are not able to communicate verbally.”

The ability for callers to share video with 911 dispatchers was launched last week. Officials said the idea behind the effort is hoped to “significantly enhance the capabilities of emergency responders in the county by providing video to the call operators from those who initiate the 911 calls.”

It will work simply — 911 dispatchers can now identify calls where a video feed might be beneficial and then provide callers with a link to share video from the caller’s phone.

Officials said the process is entirely “opt in,” in order to protect the privacy and choice of the callers. Once a shared video feed is ended, 911 dispatchers cannot access the video without the caller’s authorization. 

In announcing this new feature, officials said real-time video “that can aid in swiftly coordinating the most appropriate emergency responses and expert assessments” will allow first responders to provide a more immediate, expert assessment of an incidident.  In other words, officials said, the video feature could help save “critical minutes in emergency situations.”

Source: Nbc Philadelphia