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Arizona Coyotes Looking to Bolster Their Roster

The Arizona Coyotes built a large pool of draft picks and prospects in the past three seasons. Are they about to go from seller to buyer? Under GM Bill Armstrong, the Arizona Coyotes spent the past three seasons rebuilding their roster by peddling veterans for draft picks and prospects. He also weaponized his club’s salary-cap space to acquire more picks by taking on the contracts of players on permanent LTIR, such as Shea Weber, Jakub Voracek and Bryan Little. 

Armstrong’s wheeling and dealing netted the Coyotes eight picks in Rounds 2 through 4 and two seventh-rounders in the 2024 draft. They also have six picks in the second and third rounds of the 2025 draft and five in the second and third rounds in 2026.  With his club jockeying for a wild-card berth in the Western Conference, Armstrong appears to be changing tactics. 

According to GOPHNX.com’s Craig Morgan, the Coyotes GM is “actively engaged in discussions” around the league that could see him trade some draft picks or prospects in exchange for existing NHL talent. 

Morgan noted some observers around the league believe Armstrong is “too in love” with his draft picks to use them as bargaining chips to improve his lineup. However, he points to the off-season acquisition of Sean Durzi from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for a 2024 second-rounder. 

Durzi has already had an immediate positive effect on the Coyotes blueline. Morgan observed he leads the club in time on ice per game (23:35), sits among the league leaders for defensemen in goals with five, and has helped improve the Coyotes’ power play.

At 25, Durzi also fits in well among the other rising young Coyotes players and the club’s long-term plans. Armstrong could be on the lookout for players in the same age group in this season’s trade market.

Source: The Hockey News