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Arizona’s First 18-Hole Night Golf Course Sells Out First Weekend

Big news for Valley golfers: you can now play a round at night! Starting this weekend, Grass Clippings Rolling Hills is booking tee times through 10 p.m. It’s a new claim to fame for the course, now the only place in Arizona offering 18-hole golf under stadium-style lights.

The grand opening has been a hit, and night tee times sold out for the whole weekend. Now, when the sun goes down, the lights go on. “It’s really revolutionary what we’re doing here,” said Mike Uribe, Guest Services Manager at Grass Clippings Rolling Hills. “This is amazing. We love it,” said golfer Craig Riley.

Nearly 90 lights are spread throughout the property in Tempe. “So, the tee boxes, the fairways, the greens, and the fringe, and rough around it. I mean it’s just as clear as day,” said Uribe.

It’s a game changer and no-brainer for one group of friends Arizona’s Family spoke with. “We have year-round golf here. We can play 365 days. I would much rather play at night than during the day, especially in the summer,” said golfer Wesley Planck.

Grass Clippings said it’s solving a problem for golf lovers with day jobs. “I have a couple buddies that we go out with at night during the summer trying to just get a quick twilight round in, you know, try cramming in as many holes as we can before the sun goes down, and now that’s not a worry anymore,” said Planck.

During the weekend, the lights stay on until midnight. “Brings a more competitive vibe I feel, you know. You feel like it’s the main stage under the lights. So, I’m looking forward to see my buddies crumble under the pressure and just watching me soar to victory,” said golfer Jake Saylor.

This is all part of a $15 million renovation that will include a new restaurant and upgrades to the driving range and pro shop. The goal is to complete all of that by the end of next year.

Source: Arizona’s Family