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Boulder Creek Elementary in Phoenix Ranked Top K-8 Public and Charter School in Arizona

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – This is Molly Bligh’s first year teaching at Boulder Creek Elementary School, and she loves it. “From the administration, to the other teachers, to families and community and kids,” said Bligh. “I couldn’t ask a for better environment.” Pop into any classroom, and you can tell there’s a different vibe on the North Phoenix campus, located off Deer Valley Road and 22nd Street.

The Arizona Department of Education recently released its annual letter grades and rankings of all public and charter schools based on test scores, attendance, special ed, and readiness for the next grade.

Boulder Creek got an “A,” and the school’s score of 103.8% ranked first out of 1,370 K-8 schools across the state. “We do the best with resources we have,” said principal George Gillett. “When Covid hit, we created extra reading positions, a reading specialist position, math teacher positions, just so we could get more support for our students.”

Arizona’s Family stopped by the crown jewel of PV Schools Monday to get a closer look at what they’re doing right, keeping teachers, students and staff excited about education.

You could feel the energy in Lindsey Relerford’s 4th-grade classroom. Her lesson plan was fast-paced and fun, moving kids from station to station with different assignments. “Doing things that are hands-on, so they can get out of their seat and can collaborate with others,” said Relerford. “There is more power when they are able to think through it with their peers than having me talk all day, so getting out of their seat is super beneficial to keeping them engaged.”

Parent Amy Urness has two kids at Boulder Creek. She’s impressed with the creative ways teachers connect with kids. “In sixth grade this year, they learned about Ancient Greece, and teachers planned a really fun Greek day for the kids, ‘said Urness. “They got to do activities and really engage in the culture. It’s activities like that that kind of set this school apart.”

Teachers also pointed out the incredible support system of parents and former educators, who are always on campus volunteering and helping in the classroom.

Boulder Creek is hoping other Arizona schools can follow their lead. “I think it really does speak to the culture here, that everyone wants to be engaged and wants to help kids learn and thrive,” said Urness.

Source: Arizona’s Family