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Census Data Behind Who Moved to and Away from Arizona Last Year

Recently released data from the U.S. Census Bureau reports more people moved to Arizona than away. Last year 282,729 people were estimated to have migrated to Arizona. At the same time, 204,970 people were estimated to have moved away from the state to other locations.

That provides a net migration of 77,759 more people coming than going. Arizona having over 280,000 people moving in one year is a big number, even for a fast-growing state. It is the highest estimated in-migration number since at least 2010. In-migration has increased 20% in the past 10 years.

Arizona’s high net migration ranks the state fourth in the country. The two larger states Florida and Texas rank first and second respectively and are the only two states with net migration in the six-figure range. Arizona comes in just under North Carolina and ahead of Georgia.

With over 74,000 people relocating, California once again tops the list of states sending residents to Arizona. It is followed by 21,000 people relocating from Washington. Rounding out the top five are 17,000 people coming from Texas and 12,000 from both Oregon and Colorado.

The list of the top states Arizonans are moving to is similar. Of the 204,000 people moving out of the state, California received the largest share at 27,000. Another 23,000 moved farther east in the sunbelt to Texas. 12,000 moved to Florida, and about 7,000 each moved to both Washington and Colorado.

Source: abc 15 Arizona