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Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona Sees Increased Demand

TUCSON, Ariz. (KVOA) — The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona has been seeing increased demand here over the last few weeks and they recently broke a record for the most amount of people visiting there in one day.

Malea Chavez, the CEO said, “It was all hands on deck trying to meet the demand here in Tucson. Which we did almost reach a thousand people on that Tuesday right before Thanksgiving.”

There is going to be another big rush a few days leading up to Christmas. But this time of year always tends to stay a bit busy. Overall there has been higher demand than they’ve ever seen over the past couple of months.

“We have a number of new folks that are coming to us for the first time ever. People that have never had to access the food bank services before. That’s something new just based on the economy in recent job loss and decreases in hours. Overall inflation, high cost of living gas and food prices are really what’s driving the need.” said Chavez

They’re also in constant need of more donations this time of year. More importantly though they need help around the building.

“On our end just in demand, not only because it is increasing, but it’s also challenging for us because we have not returned to the same amount of pre-pandemic volunteer numbers either. I really encourage people to come and volunteer if they have the time.” added Chavez.

Source: News4 Tucson