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Families Living in Kentucky are Some of the Happiest in the U.S.

Kentucky is one of the top 10 happiest states for families to live in, according to a new study.

The Bluegrass State tied California for 4th in the rankings, with a score of 94.7 out of 100. Photo book maker Mixbook conducted the survey, assigned points based on a series of questions, and then transferred the points into a 100-point scale. Mixbook said it surveyed 1,969 Americans.

The three states to rank higher than Kentucky were Tennessee (95.9), Maryland (95.8) and Idaho (95.4). The lowest ranked state was Oregon, with a score of 76.1.

Of the Kentuckians surveyed by Mixbook, 62% said they are in good terms with their family, and 36% said they have never had a “serious” argument with their family. Also, 76% of respondents said they believe their family is happier than most families.

Nationally, 35% of those surveyed by Mixbook said they had serious arguments with family, and 74% said they thought their family is happier than most others. On a scale of 0 to 10, the average score for family happiness was 7.3.

Mixbook also asked individuals what activities they enjoyed doing the most with their family. The two most common activities were dining at home and watching TV, with 81% of respondents saying they do these activities. The least common activity was volunteering. Just 6% of respondents said they volunteered with a family member.

From the survey data, Mixbook ranked the 10 happiest American cities and the 10 least happy. No Kentucky cities appeared on either list. Virginia Beach was ranked as the happiest city, while Portland was the least happy.

Additionally, about half of those surveyed said they would consider their family to be “respectful,” and 41% said their family is “patient.” Mixbook said it did not take the size of a family into account, “as it does not relate to their level of happiness.”

Source: Courier Journal