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Georgia Taking First Step Toward Building Hydrogen Fueling Station in Southeast Region

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is looking for a developer to build a publicly accessible hydrogen fueling station in Southeast Georgia.

The DOT released a Notice of Intent to Advertise last last week and plans to put out a Request for Proposals during the first quarter of next year to seek bids from developers seeking to partner with the state on the project. The hydrogen fueling station is intended to be used by commercial fleet vehicles.

Hydrogen-powered electric fuel cells are a promising technology for commercial vehicles including large trucks. They could be used for fast recharging of heavy vehicles, enabling goods to be delivered over long travel distances.

While the technology is in the early stages of development in the U.S., it has been deployed successfully in several other countries.

“This is the first step in the process that will ready Georgia for vehicles of the future that support alternative fuels for transportation,” state Commissioner of Transportation Russell McMurry said. “I am pleased that GDOT continues to innovate and is preparing for the future of commercial vehicles, especially on the heels of Georgia’s manufacturing revolution.”

The proposed scope of work is expected to include the design, permitting, site development, construction, operation, and maintenance of both a temporary and a permanent hydrogen fueling station. The winning bidder will be responsible for supplying the hydrogen fuel and well as operating and maintaining the fueling station.

GDOT intends to enter a public-private partnership contract with the winning developer, which will qualify the project for federal funding. An industry forum is expected to be held next month for interested developers.

Source: Yahoo News