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Honduras Slams U.S. Meddling in Naming of Attorney General

Honduran Foreign Affairs Minister Enrique Reina on Saturday rejected the United States’ “interference” in the process of appointing his country’s acting attorney general and deputy attorney general.

“We reject the interference in an internal sovereign issue since the decision of the Permanent Commission of the National Congress to appoint an ‘interim’ attorney general and deputy attorney general was made legally in accordance with articles 207 and 208 of the constitution,” Reina said on X, formerly Twitter, in direct response to a message from the United States Embassy in Honduras.

On Friday, the embassy said the United States was “concerned” about “recent events and acts of violence in Honduras” and “the election of a new attorney general and deputy by a legislative minority,” which it said “undermines confidence in representative democracy.”

In response, Reina said “democracy in Honduras was undermined by the impunity and corruption of the scheme that created the narco-dictatorship and those who wanted to sustain it.”

“Having a biased outlook promoted by those who abused power and violated the constitution in the past is unacceptable,” added the foreign minister.

The Honduran Congress on Wednesday appointed Johel Zelaya as attorney general and Mario Morazan as deputy attorney general on an interim basis, after political factions failed to reach consensus during a vote on Sept. 1.