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How Irrelevant is Arkansas Football? Hogs Get Just Four Mentions in CBS Video

The folks over at CBS Sports released on Saturday a video looking back at the last 28 years of SEC football on CBS. The network lost rights to ABC/ESPN to broadcast the best conference in the sport starting in the 2024 season.

The video is six minutes, eight seconds of nostalgia. Anyone who has watched the SEC on CBS for the last two deacdes plus will see something memorable. You’re likely even to see something you have since forgotten about.

What you are unlikely to see is Arkansas prominence. In fact, the Razorbacks are shown just four times in the video. Only Vanderbilt, Mississippi State and Missouri were shown fewer times. The Tigers only joined the SEC in 2012. Vandy and MSU had three clips apiece.

One of Arkansas’ four was negative: the Clint Stoerner fumble against Tennessee in 1998. The other three clips featured Darren McFadden.

Arkansas has had bouts of success in the SEC since joining in 1992, but the Razorbacks have been the worst team in the SEC West and second worst team overall in the league since 2012.

University brass is hoping things change starting next year. The league gets tougher with Oklahoma and Texas joining, but Arkansas re-hired former coach Bobby Petrino to serve as offensive coordinator for Sam Pittman. The Hogs had more success under Petrino in the late 2000s and early 2010s than with any other coach since the millennium.

Source: Yahoo.Sports