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Let’s Have a Spicy Day Exploring Sunny Sedona

This wildly popular town north of Phoenix is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise and a culinary destination. Here’s a few special spots to fuel up before and after hiking the trail and soaking up the vortex vibes.

Breakfast with a breathtaking view
The Mesa Grill is a bit off the beaten path, which meant that it was a go-to for locals for years. While the secret’s out about this excellent spot — at least judging by the crowds filling the open, airy dining room on a mid-week morning.

Fiery south-of-the-border classics get the Next Level treatment in the busy open kitchen. Breakfast tacos are loaded with house-made chorizo, steak and eggs are served alongside green chili grits and Huevos Rancheros flies high atop the chef’s famous beef chili.

While savoring your morning meal, watch small planes take off and arrive. For fans of the 2018 hit The Book Club, this location has special significance. It’s where Andy Garcia’s character took off in a tiny prop to woo Diane Keaton’s Diane (yes, her name was the same as her official moniker).

Source: Forbes