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Phoenix Working to Make Dangerous Intersections Safer

PHOENIX — The City of Phoenix says it’s working to make driving along 67th Avenue safer. A Maricopa Association of Governments Transportation Safety report says three of the top five most dangerous Valley intersections are along 67th Avenue between McDowell and Indian School roads. The sounds of sirens and the sight of first responders are commonplace along 67thAvenue. 

“You do see a lot of accidents,” Sergio Venegas Garcia said.

Garcia is the assistant manager of the Take 5 Oil Change garage on the corner of 67thAvenue and Indian School Road. Between 2018 and 2022, there have been 256 traffic accidents at that intersection.  When you include Thomas and McDowell roads, the number jumps to 603.

“From what I’ve noticed causes are either being in a hurry, trying to beat a red light, or being reckless with it. Like we’ve seen people try to do burnouts, donuts literally on the intersection,” Garcia said.

The City of Phoenix is making safety improvements at those intersections, including flashing yellow arrows for all left turns, vehicle video detection, audible pedestrian push buttons and ADA-compliant ramps, new emergency vehicle preemption, new intersection lighting for pedestrian and bicycle safety and traffic signal heads over all the travel lanes.

A spokesman says the work is done at McDowell Road and in progress at Indian School Road. Work will begin in 2024 at Thomas Road.

Source: abc15 Arizona