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The Silver Lining of Georgia Missing the College Football Playoff

While the Bulldogs’ hopes of a three-peat have come to a close, there is some good news for the team moving forward.

It has been a tough 48 hours for Georgia fans as they not only had to watch their team’s historic winning streak come to an end on Saturday. But also discovered that they would not have a chance at redeeming their loss, as they were not selected for this year’s college football playoff. 

But in the midst of all of the heartbreak that comes with missing the College Football Playoff comes some good news. This is likely the last time that the Bulldogs will ever miss the playoffs. At least for the foreseeable future. 

With the format expanding from four to 12 teams in the 2024 season, the Bulldogs are now all but guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. In fact, had the 12-team format always been in place, the Bulldogs would currently be making their 7th straight preformance this season under Kirby Smart.

While the prospect of not missing future selections may not be enough to ease the pain of this year’s exclusion. Georgia fans and the rest of Dawgnation should certainly take solace in the fact that this will likely be the last time they ever feel this way under Kirby Smart.

Source: Dawgs Daily