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Ukrainian Delegation Makes Way Through Arizona to Rally Support for War

The most substantial Ukrainian delegation ever to visit Arizona is making its way around the state this weekend to bolster support for the war effort against Russia. On Saturday, three members of parliament spoke at Arizona State University, explaining how allying with their embattled country benefits Arizona in the long run.

Maria Mezentseva, a Ukrainian Member of Parliament (MP), is only 33 years old, but her role as a national leader in war-torn Ukraine has her assuming big responsibilities.

“My relative is a missing person for more than 18 months, and that would never have happened if the aggression wouldn’t occur,” she said.

Keeping up support for Ukraine has been Mezentseva’s duty during her time in Arizona. Groups of MPs are traveling to different parts of the US right now delivering an economic angle to state legislatures and businesses.

“Around 90 to 95 percent of the support which Ukraine is receiving from the U.S. remains in the U.S.,” said Mezentseva.

In Arizona, it is the huge network of weapons manufacturers that is key to what Mezentseva sees as a mutually beneficial relationship.

“So you’re not sending checks and sending money, you’re sending weapons… produced here, which creates jobs, boosts the economy and creates GDP and tax payments, of course,” she said.

Last year, former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced the state was sending 9,000 pounds of surplus military equipment to Ukraine, all donated by law enforcement. While additional aid to Ukraine gets hashed out in Congress, Mezentseva says supporting them now will ensure a more secure future tomorrow.

“It will be so much cheaper to support Ukraine today rather than to face the consequences of the possible further threats,” she said.

Source: Abc15 Arizona