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US Rep. Comer Shows Support for Legal Sale of Recreational Marijuana in DC

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser met with the police chief and the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability regarding the record high crime rates in the District. However, a revelation about legal sales of recreational marijuana came out of the meeting.

While recreational cannabis is technically legal in D.C., Republicans in Congress have prevented the District from taxing or regulating it, blocking people from being able to purchase it legally. 

After a closed door meeting, Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), chairman of the committee, told the press that he was in favor of the future licensing of recreational dispensaries. Bowser allegedly proposed recreational marijuana sales as a topic of discussion at the meeting. 

“That was something she mentioned last time she was in a committee hearing. We touched upon it in there today,” Comer said. 

Comer said the future decision will be based on the actions of the Senate regarding the issue. 

“We’re waiting to see what happens with the Senate legislation on marijuana, and then I think you’ll see a reaction on that,” Comer said. 

When asked to clarify his support for the taxation and regulation of marijuana in D.C., Comer said, “If that’s what Washington, D.C., wants.”  Legal cannabis sales would mean a lot for tax revenue as it has become a $33 billion per year industry across the United States. 

Source: NBC Washington