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Vaarst Introduces New Offshore Technology

Vaarst announces a new company achievement in the realm of offshore technology. The company has unveiled the ‘world’s first’ real-time data collection system, SubSLAM® Deeper, designed to facilitate live 3D reconstructions in deep waters reaching an astounding depth of 6000 metres (19685 feet).

Vaarst’s SubSLAM® X2 technology now extends its reach to cater to the marine ecology, salvage industries, and notably, the energy sector. Envisioned to meet the demands of industries exploring and operating in the depths of South America, the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, and beyond, SubSLAM® Deeper aims to deliver unparalleled spatial reconstructions. Its capability to capture complete, precise subsea data in real-time will in turn empower faster, informed decision-making processes for offshore endeavours.

Joe Tidball, Vaarst Business Unit Director, stated: “SubSLAM® Deeper embodies a monumental leap forward in our SubSLAM® X2 family, offering a transformative tool for engineers, researchers, and surveyors operating in deepwater environments. Its unique depth capability not only addresses the immediate needs of the energy industry but also holds immense promise for marine salvage and ecological research.”

Source: 4c Offshore